Selecting the Venue

To aid in your search for the perfect venue for your event, ANR Event Services is compiling a list of county facilities available for hosting events. This list is available (to MSU Employees Only) as a download on SharePoint here: Download Spreadsheet

When selecting your venue, please consider the following:

    1. What type of facility will help you meet your objectives?
    2. What type of facility has the services and accommodations you need to make your event successful?
    3. Which location and facility best suits your budget?
    4. Is there ample parking? Is parking free?
    5. If no, what are the fees?Is the venue easily accessible for guests?
    6. Is the space sufficient to accommodate everything on your agenda, as well as all of the invited guests, staff and equipment?
    7. Do they have a kitchen onsite? If so, what is the price for meals and beverages? If not, do they have a preferred list of caterers or can you bring in your own caterer?
    8. Is weather a consideration?

    As you’re doing research on various locations, the event may require that you think outside of the box. There are traditional locations such as hotels, conference centers and meeting or banquet halls, which are good locations generally with built in staff. For non-traditional locations such as county buildings, libraries, farm shops, restaurants, historic venues and/or parks, it is important to ask about staffing, set up and clean up.

     If you’re planning an outdoor event or an event a non-traditional location, be sure to inquire about access to power sources, water and restrooms. Some historic sites, such as state parks require permits to schedule and use space. While some may be free, some venues may assess rental fees.

    After you compile your list of potential locations, schedule a site visit (if you haven’t recently seen the facility) before making your final decision. When performing your site visit, take note of the following:

      1. Condition of the grounds and parking

      2. Condition of carpet, paint, and decor
      3. Condition and appropriately sized draperies/skirting
      4. Adequate room size and capacity to hold event
      5. Flexibility to adjust room layout/tables
      6. No visual obstructions within room
      7. Indoor lighting (flexibility to adjust/dim sections)
      8. Ability to control natural light
      9. Limited noise distractions in hallways/behind walls
      10. Event room away from kitchen
      11. Nearby restroom access
      12. Nearby medical access
      13. Air quality

      Venue Fees

      • What is the venue fee?
      • What does the venue fee include?
      • Are table, chairs and linens included in the venue fee?
      • Is security included and do they offer liability coverage?
      • What is not included in the venue fee?
      • Is there any cost for parking?
      • What is the price range for a seated/buffet lunch and dinner per person?
      • What is the price for breaks and beverages?
      • What is the cost of hotel rooms?
      • What is your cost per person and per food item?
      • What are the bartending and bar set up fees? (if applicable)
      • What are the fees and how do they charge for providing additional services? Such as A/V Equipment, sound, tables, chairs, staging, etc.
      • What modes of payments are accepted?
      • What are the payment, refund and cancellation policies?
      • Does the fee include all other taxes?
      • What is the service charge?

      Inquire about group rates and rates for audio/visual (A/V) equipment. Nearly every event incorporates one or more elements of A/V. Confirm the availability of each of the following (if needed):

        1. High speed Internet access (wired/wireless)
        2. Microphones: lavaliere system and standing (# needed)
        3. LCD projectors and hand-held remotes
        4. If applicable, can you bring your own A/V equipment
        5. Appropriate screen sizes and draping options
        6. Easels, white boards and supplies
        7. Outlets (# and locations throughout room)

        Explore all catering options. It’s  important to select the right food and beverage for your event. The facility’s sales manager will have suggestions based on years of experience, be sure to ask about options for those with dietary restrictions (vegetarian, vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, etc).

        Confirm the following:

          1. Full service on-site kitchen operation or will you need a caterer.
          2. Detailed menu & serving options.
          3. Taste test the the menu you’re considering.
          4. Ask for a copy of their banquet menus.